Business and Technology Advisory

OpsOutsourcing can help align your business objectives with technology investments to support growth, realize cost savings, and gain competitive advantage.

Our approach is to focus on standardization of business processes and data and to implement non technology improvements first.

OpsOutsourcing can help you align IT to support your business objectives. Our philosophy is that technology is an enabler to achieve business results and we don’t do “technology for the sake of technology”. Business and IT strategy must converge to support growth, realize cost savings, and gain competitive advantage. This requires a multi faceted IT organization… business oriented with the technology chops to keep up with rapid changes, filter through the sea of available options, and apply technology efficiently.

Our approach is to focus on business process, data, and operations before engaging in software implementations that can be expensive, lengthy, and often deliver less than optimal results. It all starts with process and data standardization to identify and implement non technology improvements and eliminate unnecessary and redundant activities.

This approach has two major advantages :

  1. Self funded projects through efficiency and cost savings

  2. When it is time to consider further automation,  the business processes and other foundational issues will already be addressed.

This helps to limit project scope and reduces the risk of carrying forward legacy problems.

Business and IT Strategy